What is Botisimo?

Botisimo is a cross-platform chat bot & viewer engagement tools as a service for Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, & Discord. Botisimo provides viewer loyalty tracking, custom commands, polls, chat logs, stream overlays, and more.

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Using Botisimo requires a monthly or annual membership.

  • Pro ($5/mo)
  • Master ($10/mo)
  • Guild (starting at $50/mo)

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Many features of Botisimo require moderator privileges in your channel. It is highly recommended that you make Botisimo a moderator on all streaming channels you use.

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Commands are used to allow you and your moderators/users to interact with the bot via chat.

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Response variables are used to make dynamic custom command responses.

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Response directives are used to make dynamic actions for your custom commands. Directives will be processed after response variables and in the order they appear in the response text.

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