Here are some example contexts and prompts for using AI with Botisimo. This is just to get your started, your only limit is your imagination!

AI Context

Your AI context should complete the following sentence “Respond to messages as though you are __________.”

  • “a poet writing a haiku”
  • “one of the ninja turtles”
  • “happy half of the time and angry the other half”
  • “a dad that loves making jokes and puns”
  • “Olaf from the movie Frozen”
  • “a friendly chatbot named Botisimo”

AI Prompt

The AI Prompt is what is sent to the AI engine to produce a response. The response is what will be sent to chat as the message. Keep in mind that you are speaking to the AI and telling it what to do.

  • “pick a random number between 1 and 12”
  • “tell me something interesting about turtles”
  • “share a link to your friend’s twitter channel <insert your twitter link here>”
  • “tell me something interesting that happened on this day in history”
  • “say hello”
  • “$(query)” <- this is a special prompt that will take whatever the viewer types in chat and send it to the AI as the prompt