AI Chat

Enhance your chats with AI-generated interactions. Ask botisimo questions directly using the !chat command or create your own AI-powered custom commands and timers.

Must have a Pro membership and at least $1 balance in your account. Manage my balance.

Ready to start chatting with AI in your channels?

What is a token?:

In English, a token can be as short as one character or as long as one word (e.g., a or apple), and in some languages tokens can be even shorter than one character or even longer than one word.

Both input and output tokens count toward these quantities. For example, if your message uses 20 tokens and the reply uses 20 tokens, you will be billed for 40 tokens.

There is no exact way to know how many tokens an interaction with the AI will cost. It is best to monitor your balance closely.

In general, a basic prompt and response will cost 100-200 tokens. It is capped at 500 tokens per interaction.

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