Sends a custom event to the events overlay.

  • -t, --text <text> [optional] - URL encoded primary text for the event
  • -s, --secondary-text <text> [optional] - URL encoded secondary text for the event
  • -d, --duration <milliseconds> [optional] - Duration in milliseconds to display event
  • -i, --image <url> [optional] - URL for image to display for event
  • -a, --audio <url> [optional] - URL to audio to play for event
Example Command:

name: !event

response: $[event -t $(urlencode This is the primary text) -s $(urlencode This is the secondary text) -d 5000 -i https://media2.giphy.com/media/KXtq8oYQrYMIF9Esi7/giphy.gif -a http://soundbible.com/grab.php?id=1817&type=mp3] event sent


user:     !event
botisimo: event sent