Twitch.Center Quote System

Botisimo does not have a quote system, however you can use the $(fetch), $(query), and $(urlencode) response variables combined with a third-party api to make your own.

What can it do?

  • Allow users to add quotes
  • Allow users to delete quotes
  • Respond with random quote
  • Respond with specific quote

How do I make it?

> Step 1.

Generate three command responses to use in the commands by visiting this URL:


In the generated command responses, there is a token (represented by asterisks * in the example above). Keep this token a secret!

> Step 2.

In the command responses that are generated.

  • Find urlfetch and replace it with fetch

  • Find $(querystring)

    • Only in the /addquote? command response, replace it with: $(urlencode $(query))
    • In the other two, replace it with: $(query)

It should look like this now:

$(fetch********&data=$(urlencode $(query)))

> Step 3.

Create a custom command for each one:

name: !quote
response: $(fetch********&data=$(query))
name: !addquote
response: $(fetch********&data=$(urlencode $(query)))
name: !delquote
response: $(fetch********&data=$(query))

Remember to set the appropriate permissions! For example, you might not want everyone to be able to delete quotes.


Special thanks to @Tylegn & @Superlisaa